Ascii Art Shader

Very simple shader utilising the same method that I used in the Lemminvade and Flappy Bird shader to draw the pixel images (WebGL, pure fragment shader, sourcecode on Shadertoy).

This shader is now part of pixi.js, a  2D webGL framework for JavaScript.

Shadertoy (annoying sound!)

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3 thoughts on “Ascii Art Shader

  1. itstilldoesntmatter

    Hey, massive THANK YOU! For the code and for the really quick answer on Shadertoy. Still I couldn't find your e-mail, so I'm writing here hehe. To be honest, I'm a multimedia artist but I started to learn using software not so long ago, so I'm not sure if I will reach the point when I will be able to write a complete shader. Anyway, for now I hope you wont mind if I'll use your code as a part of the visualisation of my digital performance:)) And also I really liked that you gave me just a hint so I had to get to know this bitmap process a little closer.

    1. movAX13h

      Post author

      Hi, you're welcome. I hope you have seen the link to the little tool that does the bitmapping for you. Just in case, here's the link again:

      "Bitmap" is exactly what it is. Since the characters are monochrome, 1 bit is enough to describe 1 pixel. A number in a shader consists of 32bits but only about 25 can be safely used for the mapping process because of precision issues. This means that we can encode 5x5 pixels in these 25 bits (1 number). And this is what the shader does.

      1. itstilldoesntmatter

        Thank you for the explanation and the tool. I got to the answer pretty intuitively when I opened your bitmapping link, well maybe also after reading a little:)


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