“Zwerg” Distance Field Editor

screenshotI've been working on an editor/modeller for distance field based models/scenes that can be rendered with a raymarcher/sphere tracer, for example in a fragment shader. The scene can be saved to and loaded from XML but more important is the generated scene source code for your (or my) raymarcher. Tired of modelling in code? Try Zwerg!

All function definitions are loaded from an external XML file and can be modified to your needs. Mercury SDF Library functions are integrated (most of it).

Feel free to fork the project on github.

Source Code (1.4)

Binary download (1.4)
http://thrill-project.com/archiv/coding/Zwerg14.zip (754kb)
(Windows only, requires .NET4.5)

WebGL Version (experimental)
Zwerg WebGL


Example scene in Zwerg 1.1
Example scene in Zwerg 1.1
Example scene in Zwerg 1.1
Example scene in Zwerg 1.1

Here you can see how Zwerg is used to create a raymarched scene for a fragment shader (SIGGRAPH 2015, Shadertoy competition)

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9 thoughts on ““Zwerg” Distance Field Editor

        1. movAX13h

          Post author

          A new version (1.4) is available now that contains the mercury sdf lib. Please read the change log on github.
          I will do some improvements on the shader next (shadows, edges, SDF analysis colors, ...).

  1. Hey,

    thanks, Zwerg is a really great tool! If you have a newer version with working load/save, could you please send me a download-link?

    Thanks again,


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