P8Coder is a handy little tool that replaces the lua code in pico-8 cartridges (p8) with the code you write in P8Coder (Windows only).


It allows to group functions (any code actually) that belong to the same entity/unit in your game and lets you have functions (any kind of code sections) as tabs.

When writing to the cartridge it concatenates all code to one large lua code block as you would have when writing the cart directly in the p8 file or in pico-8.


screenshotI've been working on an editor/modeller for distance field based models/scenes that can be rendered with a raymarcher/sphere tracer, for example in a fragment shader. The scene can be saved to and loaded from XML but more important is the generated scene source code for your (or my) raymarcher. Tired of modelling in code? Try Zwerg! SHOW