Hi, I’m Philip M. Wagner a.k.a. movAX13h, freethinker, troubleshooter, coder, toolmaker, software/multimedia/game developer, living on a mountain in Salzburg/Austria.

Since 2001 I've been working in the advertising industries. I was web application dev for LOOP (Salzburg), full stack lead developer of 3D-Zeitschrift GmbH 3dz.com (Munich) and before that I was working for wukonig.com (Graz).

Since 2013 I'm self-employed (trickundtronic), working mainly in the fields of game and software development. I love to work on interactive multimedia applications, editors, tools and games as you problably have seen on this blog ... and I've spent way too many hours on ShaderToy.

The works presented on this blog are personal projects and in no way related to any of my professional projects which are wide-ranged and usually NDA protected.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. jonathan


    I was wondering since you dissected some old DOS favorite games of mind, would you possibly think about cracking open Tanktics, a Windows 95 era game my family used to love?



  2. Hi Philip,

    We were very impressed with your shaders and wondering if there's a way we can cooperate to get them working using our OpenGL Visualizer in FL Studio (formerly known as Fruityloops).

    If you're interested please drop me a mail.

    Jean-Marie Cannie

  3. Adok

    Hallo, ich bin durch pouet auf deine Website gestoßen. Ich finde schon sehr beeindruckend, was du da machst. Ich glaube, dass Grafiker und Musiker aus der Demoszene gerne bereit wären, mit dir zusammenzuarbeiten. Nur Mut!


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