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PICO-8_1Pico-8 is awesome!
It's a complete game editor in a fantasy console including pixel art paint program, sound samples tool, music tracker and code editor (LUA script). And all of that in a 128x128 pixel canvas (scaled-up) desktop application (win/mac/linux). Cartridges can be stored as PNG images files and loaded by anyone who wants to look at its source (with pico-8), artwork, sounds and code. It is totally recommended to anyone who wants to start programming because LUA is very simple! SHOW

screenshotI've been working on an editor/modeller for distance field based models/scenes that can be rendered with a raymarcher/sphere tracer, for example in a fragment shader. The scene can be saved to and loaded from XML but more important is the generated scene source code for your (or my) raymarcher. Tired of modelling in code? Try Zwerg! SHOW