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In Rambo - Prison Break you are playing John. He gets support by a friend via phone who is teleporting items into Johns inventory. The ordinary proximity mine, the automatic anti-personnel turret with 4 bullets and a programmable biobot v0.1 are those items available to John to escape from prison. SHOW

PICO-8_2Finally, after 12 years, the first (and only) release of an old idea made it into public.

Pico-8 made it possible ... Lemmtris
Final version with more levels, new music by Pizza, new intro song and some small changes: Lemmtris 2



PICO-8_1Pico-8 is awesome!
It's a complete game editor in a fantasy console including pixel art paint program, sound samples tool, music tracker and code editor (LUA script). And all of that in a 128x128 pixel canvas (scaled-up) desktop application (win/mac/linux). Cartridges can be stored as PNG images files and loaded by anyone who wants to look at its source (with pico-8), artwork, sounds and code. It is totally recommended to anyone who wants to start programming because LUA is very simple! SHOW

pentago_screenshotMy friend Herodin bought an interesting game recently. It's called Pentago. Here is my Flash version of it.

The goal of the game is to get 5 balls in a row. After dropping a ball the player is forced to rotate the plate the ball was dropped onto by 90 degrees. The direction of rotation can be chosen freely. SHOW