Cirondo Flash remake

cirondo_screenshotMy friend Harry showed me an interesting board game recently. It's called Cirondo and basically is chess in a circular domain. As far as I know it is no longer being produced but it can be ordered here: and the website is offline now too.

Here's my (low graphics) Flash version: Link to SWF

The game should be quite self explanatory the way I made it. Possible moves are highlighted as soon as a stellar is selected. A sun comes into game when a moon reaches the center circle.

If anyone is interested in the sourcecode, don't hesitate to contact me.

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10 thoughts on “Cirondo Flash remake

    1. movAX13h

      Post author

      Here ... you can beta-test with your friend:
      Unofficial Cirondo Online Multiplayer (2 players)

      Let me know if you find bugs. I have not tested the later stages of a match properly yet so there might be some issues.

      Enter a name, klick START MATCH. Then you get a key for the match you can give to your friend so he/she can join your match by entering it in the code field and clicking JOIN MATCH. You can also test it locally in 2 browser tabs if you like.

      It's ready for 4 players too but I'll enable this mode only after the 2s match works properly.

  1. Leon

    I really like game Cirondo, i bought real one for myself.
    But i want to play this game with people from any parts of the world online.
    I found your version of the game very good, i like the view from top.
    But is it possible to play that game online with friend?
    Can you make it?

    1. movAX13h

      Post author

      Hi, thank you! Yes it can be done quite easily. I'll put it on my list and post a link here once it's finished. Might take some weeks until I have time.


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