This function returns the YouTube ID if the input was any form of valid YouTube link or the ID itself:

private function extractID(input:String):String
  if (input.length == 11) return input;
  var reg:RegExp = /http:\/\/(?:youtu\.be\/|(?:[a-z]{2,3}\.)?youtube\.com\/watch(?:\?|#\!)v=)([\w_-]{11}).*/gi;
  var res:Object = reg.exec(input);
  if (res != null) return res[1];
  return "";

avsd_lobbyIn 2009 I made a little game engine for network games in Flash (AS3) clientside and a .NET/C# server. I finished lobby, chat, channels and serverside pathfinding but never made a game for it.

I always loved Flash for its simple 2D vector API. There is still no comparable technology out there but nobody is asking for Flash/AS3 projects anymore ... SHOW